Friday, June 01, 2007

Worthwhile Rituals

ger's friday nite snapshot: pate, glass of wine, blog posting and freelance.

Connie's Post:
I've probably remarked before that having a base camp with running water and wifi makes all the difference in productivity and quality of life on the shoestring vineyard. now, as you can see, life is quite pleasant and even luxurious. we go down friday, have a late night nosh, and i get caught up on the blog and get some freelance done. then its a good night's sleep and gerald gets up early in the morning, and heads over to work on the farm while the boys sleep and i get some more quality freelance time in. midmorning he stops by, picks us up and we work on farm tasks together until dusk. then its dinner —last week a delicious concoction whipped up by gerald's dad— and a relaxing evening. the next morning, gerald finishes vineyard chores and we then leave southern maryland for weekend to prepare for our upcoming work week and attend to our townie chores. its a busy life, sometimes hectic, but its also pretty cool to be part of building something larger and connected to the land.

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