Saturday, June 23, 2007

Weekly Entries, May 26-June 19

From the Farm Journal Archives:

26 May 07, GB: HOT. 90s. No rain. GB weeded around 2 year old viognier vines. KM & CB weeded around vidal vines. BB hung bicycle wheels to end posts to facilitate netting the vines later in the year.

27 May 07, GB: Sunny hot. no rain. BB & GB used trailer, picked up cub cadet mower from TSC Mower @ Charlotte Hall. Moved water tank to E. vineyard—GB truck could not get enough traction to pull tank up the hill.

29 May 07, BB/CC/PC: 70-80s. breezy. beautiful. stacked popular lumber. CC piled up dead christmas trees. BB culled christmas trees for burning, mowed around trees.

30 May 07, BB: thinking about changing input section of 1/2 hp pump to one inch fittings. might eliminate loss of prime when irrigating. i suspect that when diameter in = diameter out & we pump downhill, the gravity sucks out and moves water than the pump can pump in.

2 June 07, GB: cloudy & warm. upper 80s. no rain. GB thinned shoots and trained vines in W. vineyard. BB water vines in E. vineyard.

3 June 07, GB: RAIN! inserted blue tarp liner in tank behind lab. BB covered w/mesh to catch leaves. fixed dead bolt latch on back door.

5 June 07, CC/PC: beautiful day—clear. humid to start, alot of breeze 1.0" in rain gauge. hung back door screen. packed up trash in shed to take to dump. finished stacking lumber by old barn. trimmed & trained vines in W. vineyard. not finished. mowed E. vineyard. cross wire and height wires. vines look good.

9 June 07, GB: made it down by 2pm, Boy1 had TaeKwonDo belt ceremony. one belt away from black belt.

12 June 07, CC/PC: 70s & 80s, light breeze, average humidity. no rain in guage, it was upside down. Picked up trailer at Peter's William brought his bill for the east acreage, Jimmy came, too. Their Ma had a bad fall while going down their back porch. Charlie picked up culled trees w. trailer. Peter tied up all shoots close to ground in E. vineyard. Huge clouds today, very lonely. Need rain. vineyard looks good. German wasp damage to Nordsmanns—striking!!

16 June 07, GB: BB put filters in outlets on large water tank cut back branches along field to lot 11. GB arrived in afternon, after MGGA field day @ summerseat. worked in W. vineyard, training shoots in rows 1-9. mowed entire W. vineyard. nice day.

17 June 07, GB &/BB: HOT breezy. not too bad. BB cleaned mobile tank, flushed w/water. East side of rows needed leaf pulling.

19 June 07, CC/PC: 70s & 90s. cleary hazyhot, light breeze. found Melvin's home, spoke to wife. He is barn man, catch him there between 4-5pm. fascinating place. CC mowed. PC picked wine grape leaves in E. side of rows in W. vineyard. Fishied row 1, started row 2, slow going—gets to the back after awhile. Tomorrow is CC's 75th birthday. hurrah, hurrah. lets have a jubilee.

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