Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unorthodox Methods Produce Net Gains

an unorthodox solution in the process of addressing a migratory problem.

Connie's Post:
We find our vineyard under the migratory path of birds and—as so many other vineyards find necessary—we need to foil these hungry berry predators. we've hung used cds from the posts and wires--the cds catch the sun and the flashes deter the birds a bit. our favorite method is to net the vineyard at the start of verasion. how funny that i did not mention the wrapping of the proofing vineyard the previous year! we thought about how to improve the process of spreading the netting across the vines. perhaps you remember the hmmm files post?

after gerald's dad spent that time separating the tires from their rims, he attached them to the tops of the locust posts. then gerald and his brother, pete, ran a steel wire along the tops of the row. last year we used plastic string, but it was too light for the weight of the netting, which ended up sagging a bit. the metal wire is sturdier, but requires more labor to pull it taunt. after gerald pulls the wire tight, pete secures the wire to the post. then we ran the netting over the top of the wire, next post.