Monday, June 18, 2007

In verbis vini veritas?

Connie's Post
While i'm recovering from my mind exploding at the HOW conference (four new ideas to present to clients! one new product line to offer clients! creativity completely refreshed!) and the virginia beach art festival (three new fine art ideas! why am i so busy?!), i found this slate magazine article for your enjoyment:

Cherries, Berries, Asphalt and Jam. Why some wine writers talk that way by Mike Steinberger

i really enjoy mike's wine column and this article makes several interesting points. i come from the point of view that the simpler the explanation, the more truth there is in it. as i get older, i also understand in order to see the truth, there is usually more than one explanation. mike covers both of these statements in writing about wine writers with strength and humor. bon appetit!

gerald has taken many photos while i've been out, so the posting mania will begin again soon. stay tuned!

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