Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Plush Vidal

Connie's post
my first reaction upon popping the vidal was a mighty, "mmm" as i walked towards the next vine.

i stopped, returned to the bunch, and picked another.

then another.

and it continued until i realized with shame that the majority of the bunch was gone. heh, i'm as bad as whatever stripped the seyval! its the first year the vidal has bore fruit, so there wasn't much of the golden stuff, anyway. regretfully, more disappeared in the same manner as i plotted to convince gerald to invest in more, more, more vidal. as it turns out, plans are already in the works--another point of proof in my good fortune with marrying this man.

The grape had a full, almost velvety texture. sweet and pleasing, full of little smaller flavor changes, but nothing said to this uneducated palate, "this is apple. or cinnamon." just sort of a round, plush prescence. the seeds were deep brown and had a pleasant, nutty crunch. no harsh tannins to interrupt the bliss-out. lovely, lovely.

i can't wait to taste this in a bottle.
that is, if i leave enough on the vine.