Wednesday, February 10, 2010

west Pete situation report

Another 4 or 5 inches of snow here before it seemed to stop around 3:00 today.

I think what I will do is get Bill to drop me off at the farm Friday morning and then I will dig out the barn door, get the tractor out, and start trying to plow some access paths so we can try to get in and out of sheds, barns, vineyards, and house on the weekend.

Then I will just drive the tractor to my house and plow my driveway. Can return it when someone else can give me a ride back from the farm.

I will talk to Samuel after I firm up my plans with Bill tomorrow and see if he wants to come over. We can split tractor, shovel, and fireman duties. He would have to walk or get a ride both ways, though.

Thought about trying to do this tomorrow, but I think it will just be too rough on the roads and weather to try then. Plus my work schedule is better with Friday and I don’t see much advantage to starting a day early.

Does anyone know how we are stocked on diesel fuel?