Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's been a's an update from west pete


- we were able to get samples for all varieties; VB brix have gone down
slightly with recent rains so outlook for harvest is likely Sept 11 or later

- all but one row in lot 12 have high catch wires run; ran out of wire on
last row and did not have time to respool; watch for wire on the ground in
that row if you mow

- still a few rows in lot 12 where we need to tie up the vines to get them
off the ground or off of other vines; focus on eastern 10 rows

- cleaned bottles at CH house for 2009 vintage


- inspected lot 12 perimeter for possible future acreage

- did not spray

- rain starting around 1030

- GB bottled much of 2009 vintage; need shelf space for them

- PB worked 8 hours at winery pressing Cayuga and recruiting


- 1/8th inch in gauge at farm; seemed like more than that at house and at

- grass is growing like crazy