Friday, June 01, 2007

Buds and Greens

tiny buds of different plants dot the fields of the vineyard

Connie's Post
As you walk about the farm, attending to your chores, you get to witness all kinds of small action. in the spring, it is little tiny buds like above. i love these little star-like flowers. there are also tiny purple flower lovelies and feathery stalks with flowers so tiny and so many it looks like a pink mist. new corn is sprouting in the rented fields in such neat rows it is as if the field is covered in a pin stripe suite of brown and pale greens. we even have the start of blackberry canes growing along the edges of the fields—a promising opportunity for the foraging momma and her boys. there are amazing bugs of every shape and color. the sleeping lizards have collected themselves from their winter sleep and are starting to explore. birds are giddy with love and collecting grubs for their babies. late spring is a wonderful thing.

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