Tuesday, June 19, 2007

High Wire Act

proofing concept vines reach the top wire
Connie's Post
Gerald took this shot right before i went to the HOW conference. the proofing vines have reached the top wire. soon, we will start working on weaving the wayward growth back to the wires and keeping the renegades from creeping on the ground. reweaving keeps the vines from attracting disease from the ground and being hit from the mower. plus, a general sense of discipline about the place is nice to maintain...

here is a shot that will give you an idea of the width between two of the vineyard rows. the second image is to show you the contrast of size between the 4 year old proofing vines and the starter viognier, on their second summer. how quickly they grow!

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Queenie said...

Keep up the good work.