Saturday, December 02, 2006

Requiem for a Camera

Vineyard with the netting still on. Last of the few beautiful images from my trusty camera.

Connie's Post
ah man. its been hard to contemplate the blog when the camera bit the dust, due to, ironic enough, dust and grit from the vineyard. sweet little sony camera, faithful camera! dependable, steadfast chronicler of our daily life. like a faithful old dog, the camera was there--dependably showing up in pockets, handbags, my tuff lil orange go-to-the-farm-bag. you withstood the endless oops! drops on a variety of surfaces. you endured the hard love my three year old dished out upon you--oh and remember that warm september way back, when we made sweet money together with that christmas photoshoot? all that fake snow everywhere in my southern exposed kitchen. all though it was close to 78 degrees in the kitchen, those images we captured were totally white christmas, baby! so hopefully, there will soon be a new replacement for the trusty sony, while we wait to see if a camera shop can repair the poor thing. in the mean time, the netting came off the vines, of course, right at dusk. gerald has been busy clearing the next acre, for this time--VIDAL! mmm, an acre of the vidal! this weekend, ger, his dad and uncle pete put up some new locust posts for the 1 year viognier. its the post harvest rush for spring!