Saturday, June 09, 2007

Start of the Season

the vines start their yearly growth
Connie's Post:
Here is the proofing acre, starting their summer growth. this picture was taken two weeks ago and now the shoots are long enough that gerald needs to train them to the first catch wire. that means he weaves the shoots so they grow upright. i wasn't at the vineyard last week as i was finishing up my freelance. this weekend, we have tae kwon do belt ceremonies and i go traveling for a graphic design conference—but i have plenty o' topics still left to blog and will try to catch up in the evening. gerald says he will take the camera when he leaves for the vineyard later today and he will get more shots for my return. while i'm excited about the new opportunities, i'm sad to miss time at the vineyard—i like seeing the place evolve with the seasons.


mueja said...

nice vineyard!

connie and gerald said...

thank you very much. the first row is our sangiovese.