Saturday, May 05, 2007

Noble Experiment Awry

How sad! The ruined Viognier, vinegar down the drain.

Connie's Post:
The partially noble-rotted viognier was sampled and found to have turned to vinegar and thus ended the grande experiment. at the time, we were simply trying to recover from hurricane ernesto--and so we thought, why not work with the grapes? perhaps we could have let the concoction sit a while longer and see if the vinegar would turn out to be something of use. after the heartache of the fall, we lacked the patience and stomach for further experimentation and poured it down the drain.

the 06 sangiovese is faring better, tasty albeit lighter in viscosity. the 05 sangiovese? pretty tasty. all in all, growing a delicious wine-grape is one thing. producing a delicious wine is a total different process.

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