Saturday, May 19, 2007


Connie's Post
What's missing with this post? something visual? oh yeh. no camera today at the farm. friday night, i was so excited about coming to the farm i posted the bluebird entry while gerald gathered up the materials. i was solely responsible for getting only myself and my had-to-haves out the door. computer? check. oxford companion? check. do i have shoes on? yep. purse! there and out the door. never a second thought. poor son of sony on the rolltop desk, "hello?" and off we went. all friday night i spent buzzing around on the wireless internet (thank you, thank you, peter and lyrel!), thinking about the farm--happy little clam i was. spring is in full blossom, now and with it, major news stories. no more prep run downs. it was going to be showing off the green loveliness everywhere.

not so.

even worse, everywhere i turned there was a photo op, a brilliant image and an interesting story to share. gerald laughed at my frequent groans. another opportunity missed! gentle reader, you would be inspired with all the goin' on down at the shoestring vineyard. spring is in full tilt, but in order to see it, you will have to wait another week.

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