Sunday, September 10, 2006

How the Sangiovese Fared

A week later, the Sangiovese is beaten, but not broken

Connie's Post
We were heartened to see that the Sangiovese hadn't given up, although it was evident the vines had taken a severe beating the week before. The vines and leaves that were crushed and broken during the repair had turned brown and were dying off. gerald is concerned that there will not be enough leaves to fully ripen the harvest and then store in the vines the sugars necessary for the winter. We shall see how it goes.

Gerald's Post
The Sangiovese is looking a bit beaten down. The leaves looked quite diseased and I'm concerned there isn't enough healthy leaf surface to finish ripening the grapes and store energy to make through the winter. I went through the row and dropped three bucketfuls (about a third) of clusters in an effort to speed ripening of the remaining clusters and hopefully let them store food for winter.

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