Saturday, May 19, 2007

Weekly Entries: May 7-15

Connie's Introduction
As it currently stands, this blog does not give the full impression of the work that goes on at the shoestring vineyard. there is plenty of hustle and flow throughout the week and it is all chronicled in the farm journal. in order to give you a sense of the scope of work, i plan to make notes from the journal entries and as Weekly Entries.

monday, may 7: [uncle] peter's entry:
breezy, cool, high 40s. new rain guage, but no rain. big tank half full from sat. rains. [ger's dad] bernie worked on gates to east vineyard. peter mowed e & w vineyards. vineyards, excellent new growth, looking pretty. 1 year old [viognier] in west looking good. need new leads to two spark plugs—are old and don't transmit. [hired labor] bush hogged the two backfields and wants to seed w/corn for game. cleared area ready for burn and clearing. found [someone] to rip soil for us. saturday put 4" in rain guage.

monday, may 14: gerald's entry:
warm, sunny, light breeze low 70s. [uncle] peter and gerald at farm as ger forgot to pick up bernie. scraped off grape succors.

tuesday, may 15: [uncle] pete's post:
clear, breezy 80s. [uncles] charlie and peter. popular boards from the timber clearing was delivered. will use for new siding o the small 10 room barn. changed oil on SKAG [mowing tractor]. caught up on mowing. closer to being ahead of it.

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