Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Marking New Territory

Gerald measures and marks the new vidal acre.

Connie's Post:
Gerald had an ingenious way of marking the new vidal acre. he used chain link rope, since the chain link wouldn't stretch. he then measured out the feet between the vines and attached a plastic twist holder. i held one end and he stretched the chain link length out. then he went through and marked the field with orange flags, each represents a vine to be planted. after each row was marked, gerald and i went through the field, straightening the rows vertically and horizontally. i knew we had straightened the rows correctly, as the flags aligned on the diagonal, just as i remembered from my old marching band days. go fort zumwalt panthers!

having the holes marked in advance made it much easier for gerald's dad to start drilling holes with the auger!
600 holes for 600 vines. gooooo, dad!

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