Sunday, May 27, 2007

Surrealism Isn't Limited to Art

the vidal gate gives the impression of being a gate to the sky.

Connie's Post:

Life sometimes imitates art and this picture just makes me giggle. when i first walked up to the vidal acre i was excited—gerald's dad, bernie, finished the vidal gate! and then i snapped the pic, looked into the viewfinder and started laughing. the doors have a floaty dimension to them, as if they were just balancing in thin air (they are secured by single posts). so the next thought is: what in the world does the gate keep out? and why is the shoestring vineyard corraling dirt? well, there is deer netting around the perimeter and the acre is full of vidal vines that are quickly adapting to their new surroundings and so far, are thriving.

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