Friday, May 11, 2007

A Little Help From Our Friends

The Vital Vidal Volunteer Crew 07

Gerald's Post
Pictured above: Lettie, Ency, Ray, and Juan after successfully finishing an acre of planting before the rains came. Far left is Uncle Pete, sans gardening fork. Each holds the last of the vines to be planted.

Fear not, for the Lord provides. And provide he did this day, supplying our operation with willing hands to do the work of digging holes and planting vines. On Friday Uncle Pete, niece Allison, and myself picked up 600 Vidal Blanc vines from the Tri-County Council office in Mechanicsville. The good people at TCC offered a matching funds grant for those interested in growing grape vines. As our operation was on plan to meet the minimum order requirements, we were able to take advantage of the program. Friday afternoon Pete and Allison planted a good quarter of the vines. At some point Pete lost his garden fork, not to be recovered for the remainder of the exercise. Next morning saw the arrival of our spirited volunteers. As Bernie secured deer fencing around the perimeter, our volunteers wore out Randy's auger drilling holes, then filling them with a vine for each. All day the planting continued with a Popeye's break for lunch. By about 5pm it was done. All retired to Charlotte Hall: weary, happy, and ready for a hot meal, refreshing spirits, and good company.

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