Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Turf Wars Erupt over Sangiovese

Look close, the butterfly is almost the same color as the Sangiovese!

Connie's Post
in the hornets' mind, there was no concept of sharing with the butterflies. the sangiovese was theirs. While we worked at getting the posts and wires reset, i commented on how many of these large black and blue butterflies were flitting about the uncovered sangiovese. gerald's dad pointed out the hornets chasing the butterflies when they tried to land on the vine. how beautiful those butterflies were--but very skittish--i had a hard time lining up a decent shot. it was due to the hornets comic styling. for the most part, the hornets were a bunch of slow moving laze-abouts that would rather just move over to the next grape when gerald got too close. however, when a butterfly batted a wing too close, the hornets became very energetic in protecting their turf. BTW, thanks to Dr.Mike for the county extension advice solicitation tip! i will ask them how to control the hornet population. Would anyone know the type of butterflies these are?

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