Sunday, September 24, 2006

Harvest is Done

The good, the bad and the Mourvedre. Left bucket, bad. Right bucket, good.

Connie's Post:
another late saturday arrival for us, but the situation with the vines is so bitter sad--the short day was welcome. the grape leaves have, for the most part, dropped off. i didn't want to take pictures. should have, i know. gerald went through the proof of concept rows, cleaning off the leftover bits off the sangiovese and viognier vines. the touriga was not ripe enough and so he dropped that fruit to help the vines prepare for the winter. he's hoping the tinta cao will be ready soon--those vines look like they sustained less damage. he harvested the mourvedre, shown here--a very small harvest, but the first one for this variety. there wasn't enough vidal or shiraz, it is too early in the vines' growth to expect a harvest, however delicious the few bunches each produced were. so done we are. back to the townie for a final grape stomping and then prepare the grapes for their next stage: wine!

These pics wouldn't load in the previous blog, but happily, they are here! These are the pH testing images. Gerald tests for the acidic levels of the grapes after he measures for brix (sugar) levels in the samples. No, he doesn't make like a pirate and look through the pH canister.

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