Friday, September 01, 2006

Limited Resources Requires Addressing the Problem at Root Level

Uncle Pete and Gerald discuss the water probe in front of the Viognier.

Connie's Post 4
water is currently a limited commodity on the farm. we can use water from the pond, but even better, we now collect rainwater as it drains off the shed roof into the big rusty tank. dad and uncle pete found a water probe, the crafty guys. the probe is essential a "T" shaped tool, with a pointy end. there is a hole at the pointy end, at that's where the water comes out.

Uncle Pete and Gerald troubleshoot a small obstacle: a pebble is lodged in the pipe. A quick pick out and Gerald is then back to watering.

it is a pretty easy tool to operate. stand next to your thirsty vine and place the pointy edge on the ground next to the thirsty vine. grab the top bar and push the probe into the ground. viola! water is delivered into the soil and root level. no water run off and no watering weeds! 5

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