Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Husband Persuades Me to Taste Mold

Pick your poison. On the left, unaffected Viognier. On the right--NOBLE ROT infected

Connie's Post
the day is getting warmer and i'm getting tired due to being sick. my husband stands before me and says, "ok girl, one of each. one at a time." he has been describing to me what botrytis is (see previous posting) and what it possibly meant to the grapes. "oh gerald. that's mold. you're asking me to eat mold. eh." and then he coaxes me into it by telling me to eat one without infection and then one infected....and i did. 'cause he's gerald and that's. the. kind. of. girl. i. am.

the first grape (without) this week tastes sweeter than last week's rain swelled berries. warm and apple, sweet. but the second grape--oof, and what hesitation on my part--dude, its molded! but wait--the same--but more! more everything, in sweetness and flavor. which, although he explained the mold's effect to me, i thought it was more of an effect wrought in the wine, not berry. an adventure to be sure, but i don't plan to taste molded bread, tomatoes or lick shower tiles and certainly don't recommend the same to you. and if you do have some suspicious looking grapes, be careful. it may not be botrytis.


Anonymous said...

NO WAY!! You have Noble Rot!!
If you can find it...Linden's Late Harvest Petite Miseng 2000 or 2001 has noble rot grapes!!! LIQUID HONEY!!! It's $27...or was last year, anyway.


connie and gerald said...

thanks, joe, I'll look into it! 70 pounds of the noble rot viognier mix is fermenting in the hurricane room now and smells absolutely delicious. keep in touch and perhaps one day gerald will treat us with a bottle. but that's far. far. ....away.

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