Saturday, April 14, 2007

Way Back Machine, February

Ahhh. Gerald tells me he can feel how happy the vines are when they are pruned from last year's growth.

Connie's Post
The morning light is wonderful at the vineyard. everything looks both sleepy and hopeful as we drive up and jump out of the truck for a stretch. what a blessing it has been to have use of the home peter and lyrel purchased down the street. we can now drive down friday night, light a fire, open a bottle of wine, listen to my baubles, bangles and beads radio station from pandora and relax. then the next morning, gerald gets up early and heads over to the vineyard. usually, i stoke the fire, work on freelance and await the sleepy boys. once they have eaten their breakfast, we then head over to help gerald and record the day. february brought a pruning workshop that was attended by ger, his dad, the uncles and niece samantha. armed with knowledge and sturdy pruning shears, they entered the vineyard and brought order to last year's growth. this is one of gerald's favorite times--to see the lines of shorn vines awaiting the sun and planet's signals to start anew. he is happy to have the additional expertise in the proofing rows so that he can continue to make progress in other areas.

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