Sunday, August 09, 2009

Follow Lot11 Vidal Brix via Widgenie

ger measured the brix level of the vidal blanc in lot11. 16 brix! we're hoping the hot weather will slow the development until the Port of Leonardtown is ready to accept our first commercial crop. I've updated our widgenie widget, but i'm bothered by how widgenie reads the date in my xls sheet—what a long datastring.

son of sony camera bit the dust this past week. we're picking up another vineyard camera this week. you should see lot11—looks like a big spider with OCD settled into the acre. i thought the netting went up much easier than previous years—faster, as well. patience, patience, patience is needed when putting up that net. the more hands, the better. i think it would have went like silk if we had two more adult hands available.

any takers?

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