Monday, December 10, 2007

december around the vineyard

quiet, in contrast to the hustle of crush and primary ferm, drifts through the vineyard these days. Careful use of 'quiet' should be taken here, as a vineyard is mostly quiet, even in the busiest months. It is mostly silent sunshine, whispering breezes, and (occasionally) hushed rainshowers. December, especially, is a quiet time, as folks concentrate on inside work and preparations for the coming growing season. The shaggy vines stand sleeping in their rows as the cold air of winter moves in, the dropping tempature nudging them further into well earned slumbering rest.

In the wine room, BB hooked up a small space heater. The room is tucked in a corner of the house and not heated directly. Lately temperatures have been dropping a bit low for the wine's comfort. Unlike vines, the wine gets cranky when temperatures fluctuate. The heater is small, but should be adequate to keep the room a cozy 55 degrees. The trick was setting the gauge to maintain that temperature, as there are no markings on the thing. BB started the heater Friday night, and monitored the room the entire weekend, making adjustments all the while until he was satisfied he hit the mark; slow, patient work.

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