Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Wife Designs Logo

Gerald's dad requests a logo design for the Southern Maryland Winegrowers Coop

Connie's Post
in my day job, i'm a graphic designer that studiously avoids logo work. heh. but i do like this particular logo, 'cause i made the elements somewhat modular. i can see future designs that extend out, vertically, like a long column--or horizontal, like a landscape. the design came together quickly, as the coop was to attend the Port of Leonardtown groundbreaking and wanted to promote the coop on a tshirt they could wear. it was a family operation, start to finish. gerald and i threw around some concepting ideas---winegrowers--bottles on vines! from vine to wine! pour another glass, dear! i then whipped out the logo on my new laptop (speed!) in illustrator (no big feat for an ole freehand girl). we sent the files to gerald's sister and dad. they printed the logos on transfer paper and viola! t-shirts! gooooooo team! Gerald's dad reports they went over well and they consider the logo theirs. Onto the website!


Anonymous said...

Nice Logo...I didn't know you could draw! Awesome...Can you do a caricature of my Dog? Just kidding!

Bruce Hornesby and the Range Rover

connie said...

tungstengrey, i'm totally onto you! you make me happy someone actually reads this.